I grew up in my father’s hair replacement business, and have always had a great appreciation for the work he did – making such dramatic positive changes in people’s lives. He instilled his perfectionism in me, and his passion – for doing something to benefit others.

My initial enthusiasm – that we had finally found a product that would truly enhance the appearance of our clients’ hair replacement – was immediately coupled with a personal satisfaction – that my own hair had never looked this healthy, thick, shiny, and beautiful. I had been wearing our hair extensions for years, but with this new product line, I no longer needed them.

Within days, friends would randomly comment on how silky and healthy and lovely my hair looked. And I started thinking that we needed to share this with everyone! Because it is for everyone! My father, however, was not so eager to venture into a new market at this point in his life. But, with a bit of prodding, the support of my staff members, raving comments from clients, spouses, and friends, and the declaration that -- making everyone’s hair their crowning glory – was my new passion – I won him over, and Welker rePHreshed ™ was born!

To beautiful hair, Victoria Welker