To Salon Professionals,

At last! After years of searching for a wet goods product that can make your hair look and feel as beautiful and healthy as it was meant to be, my staff and I have finally found the ultimate formulation of ingredients that will truly make your hair feel rePHreshed!

I, personally, have worn and been involved in the hair replacement industry since the early 1970’s. In all that time, I have never been as blown away by a product as I
am by our new line.

My staff and I initially worked with the lab to promote these products for our own hair replacement clients. We needed something to extend the life of their hair grafts, to retain the color, to keep the hair manageable, healthy-looking, and natural-looking. Quite a task for hair that does not continuously have new growth! All of these products did that--- and more! So much so, that our entire staff began using them on their own natural-growing hair, and loved them.

We were all impressed, but still --- had no idea of the impact of this new product line until about a week after we released our first supply to our own clients. They wanted more --- but not just for themselves. They were purchasing for their spouses, their children, their friends. Encouraged by my daughter, Victoria Welker, our director of operations, we ventured out into a whole new direction. This product line is for everyone!!

“Shiniest hair ever!” “Super manageable!” “New life to tired hair!” “Split ends are smoothed!” “Silkiest ever!” “Brilliant color retention!” “Luscious scents!”
Shampoos that clean thoroughly and hydrate, while bringing out the luster of your hair color; conditioners that leave hair feeling smooth, silky, and manageable without weighing it down; styling products designed to add texture, control, sleekness, shine --- without diminishing the look and feel of soft, healthy hair. And sun filters have been added to various products.

Please try our sampling of products, and call or email us with any questions. And ask us about “Welker rePHreshed ™ ” so you can learn more about all we have to offer. Our full line includes products for chemically-treated hair. Various products are sulfate-free, Paraben free, and alcohol free. The ingredients include natural plant extracts, including green tea leaves, aloe, witch hazel, and chamomile. And, no animals were used in the testing of these products. . It will be our pleasure to help you and your clients look and feel as rePHreshed ™ as we are.

Sincerely, Tom Magliaro